Thorburn for Texas

I am William Thorburn, a resident of Benbrook since 2002 and a moderate Democrat running for Texas House District 97. I am a dad, a teacher, a CPA, and a Texan who believes in the following:

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Why I'm Running

I was born in Mississippi but grew up in Arlington, Texas. Growing up in Arlington, I am a proud product of the public school system, which prepared me well for my four years in Waco at Baylor University. My experience in the public school system, from Mr. Bradham at Pope to Mr. Bledsoe at Shackelford to Ms. Critzer at Lamar, is the reason I want to strengthen public schools, not weaken them. I have taught in Arlington for over twenty years, and I see great things happening every day in my classroom and school. From student athletes, fine arts, STEM programs, and technical certifications, public school has something for everyone. I plan on supporting funding for Texas schools so that they can continue providing opportunities for students like mine did for me.

To illustrate my belief in public schools, I founded Fish for Life Foundation in 2007, a 501(c)(3) organization. Fish for Life operates pursuant to the principle that hard work results in reward. Since 2007, Fish for Life has provided tens of thousands of scholarships and awards to deserving students. "Teach a person" to fish, and they eat for a lifetime. Check out Fish for Life Foundation Inc. on Facebook to see the fruits of this foundation.

In addition to being a teacher, I am a father of a daughter. For over fifty years, Texas mothers, daughters, and sisters have had the individual freedom to make health decisions with their doctors without interference from outside parties. I want to restore these individual freedoms.

My background in accounting has also prepared me for a role in Austin. I worked in the Big 4 accounting firm Ernst & Young for five years and then in small businesses after that. This experience has taught me fiscal common sense, which I believe Austin sorely needs.

Texas has always been known as a state that provides entrepreneurs with a business environment conducive to creating good jobs. I want to continue expanding job opportunities for the people of District 97 and for all Texans. Growing up, I benefitted from public and private partnerships in Arlington, working at Wet N Wild and the Texas Rangers as a teenager. Arlington always attracted good businesses to the city, allowing young people like myself to get valuable work experience.

Finally, I want to establish term limits for Texas office holders. I hear "Vote them out!" is Texas' form of term limits, but the power of the incumbency today is so overwhelming that it is almost impossible to overcome the built-in advantaage of an incumbent. While I value experience, which can be helpful to the legislative process, at some point experience devolves into entrenchment, which is not helpful in moving Texas forward.

I want to move Texas forward! I want every Texan to be able to pursue their dreams and exercise individual freedoms to make those dreams come true. I promise to work to support those dreams should I be lucky enough to be called to Austin in 2024!

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